Sekret Chadow, producer and DJ who represents the hard work and form of evolution, innate restlessness that accompanies from the moment he woke up in his hobby at electronics sounds.
With only 13 years old, and frequented many clubs in the area, driven by aggressive and forceful, those sounds that sounded at the time, an experience that would open the doors of a new universe, electronic music, which has able to develop qualities essentially grounded on a thorough musical selection and drive of the new generations.
From 1997 to this day, has had the opportunity to experiment in different ways, a very strong progression in terms of electronic music is concerned, acquiring a refined and avant-garde culture.
Currently included the versatility of this artist when producing, open-minded and unprejudiced musical styles that can cover and avant-garde as the House, Breaks, funky fusions in all, still sounds strong and aggressive side groove energy loaded.

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Adam Vyt Dj / Producer residing in Cadiz, born in 1987. He began his passion for music at a very young age, at the age of 13 he was already trying to make his first mixes, letting himself be carried away by broken rhythms in all their variations, highlighting Breakbeat among them.

It was in 2011 when he made a small leap performing in Pubs and Discotheques in various parts of Andalusia, gradually expanding this range until he left the peninsula several times to perform on the island of Tenerife.

He was always interested in creating his own music and it was in March 2013 when he decided to get down to work and began tinkering with various production programs, being Logic his definitive tool with which he composed his first song after a few months of work.

This artist already has a long list of digital tracks for sale and several also released in physical format by different record labels, including several that reached the top of the world Top Breaks and have even had very good reviews in the prestigious music magazine Dj Mag. A somewhat peculiar style that defines it in which Old School and Uk Garage usually merge.

In 2017 he received the «Best Up & Coming Artist International» award at the «Miami Bass Awards» and in 2018 he was again nominated for best remix with “GN – Hopes (Adam Vyt Remix)

Throughout his career, he has had the pleasure of participating in several of the best festivals in Andalusia and has shared the bill with great DJs and producers of the world recognized scene.

In May 2020 he joins forces with the Huelva producer “Sekret Chadow” and they get down to work with what is now 13Monkeys Records.


Urbano, Natural from Cádiz (Spain), a consecrated artist with several of his tracks occupying the Top100 Beatport with broken rhythms.Former component of the Straight Lines formation, where they began their performances in various venues in Andalusia.

He currently owns the WelikeMusic Urban label, having several works for sale, where he develops his own musical style influenced by retro and Ibizan sounds, the city where he resides.

His  works are supported by renowned artists within the BreakBeat circuit globally.

Official Revel Dog Ibiza artist which brings him artistic support, being an essential in his Line Ups.


Case 82, Producer born in 1982 in the Netherlands.
Since he was a child he was already interested in rave music, being influenced by the sounds of the old school.

In 1995 he discovered a software called Impulse Tracker with which he made his first productions, having very good acceptance among listeners.

In 2004/2005 he released some “Gabber” tracks under the band name “Base Enforcers” which were released on vinyl.

Around 2017/2018 he started producing Breakbeat and this is where the name Case 82 was born.
Shortly after it got its first releases in the UK.

Throughout his career, he has tried various musical styles to express his vision of music in each of his songs, opting for the purest Hardcore style.

The old school is back…!!!

He has currently released several songs reaching the Top 10 with some of his releases and on several occasions the Top 100 of Beatport.

This artist has come to 13Monkeys Records to stay.

welcome to the Jungle


Made To Move is Jorge Vasconcelos  from Mexico City , Audio Engineer ,Sound Designer and  Dj since 2001 , making music  since 2009.

Producing  on different  genres and styles  all over the years  from Garage & Deep House  to  Hardcore Breakbeats  always with a 90s underground vibe  and heavy bass patterns made to make your soul move in a futuristic  atmosphere with an oldschool feeling